Is WWE’s Titus O’Neil Really Teasing a Marvel Role?

Once in a while watching wrestling and being a Marvel fan collides and give you insight into something that may or may not actually be true. Such as this bit of news that’s quickly spreading around the internet with most sites missing half of the story due to them not watching wrestling.

WWE star Titus “Worldslide” O’Neil took time out of falling all over the ring to Tweet out a pic where he teases joining Marvel, but there’s another part to this story that I’ll explain after the Tweet:

The WWE has a reality show on the WWE Network called Ride Along that follows a group of wrestlers in a car as they drive between cities after live events. A couple of weeks ago the show featured Titus O’Neil and in the episode he called Dave Bautista on the phone and tried to have him use his pull to get him a role on a Marvel movie.

It’s possible that this Tweet is just continuing that story that started in that episode of Ride Along, as Bautista’s reaction didn’t seem like it was going to happen for Titus.