September 25, 2020

Marvel is Preparing for The Eternals’ Return to Comics

The general rule with Marvel Comics and how they relate to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that Marvel will traditionally begin a comic book push of a new MCU property roughly eighteen months before their cinematic debut. We’ve seen this with Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, and Black Panther. While the MCU and the 616 universe each have their own continuity, Marvel likes to use print to help promote the movies and get people familiar with the characters before the films hit theaters.

When this site first broke the news about The Eternals, one of the things that helped me feel confident it was actually happening was that Marvel is rushing Neil Gaiman’s miniseries from 2007 back to print in August. It’s already available digitally so if you use ComiXology or Marvel Unlimited you can read it right now. But returning the trade paperback to print in August is a sign that Marvel is starting up the comic side of The Eternals again, and this week came another clue.

Jason Aaron is one of Marvel’s best comic writers, and his run on Thor will go down in history as one of the three greatest of all time along with Simonsen and Straczynski. He’s now writing Avengers for Marvel, and his current story line deals with Dark Celestials and ties into the ancient history of the Marvel universe, even referencing Jack Kirby’s run on The Eternals in issue #1. This week issue #2 released, and Iron Man mentions The Eternals by name:

Reprinting the Gaiman run on The Eternals makes a lot of sense, as if you read it you can see how that can fit in with the MCU. Jack Kirby’s run has some great Stargate/Chariots of the Gods overtones that I’d also like to see them work in. And now the flagship Avengers comic is not only referencing the Kirby run on The Eternals, is bringing back the Celestials, and now name-dropping The Eternals in just its second issue?

I really would not be shocked if we see a new on-going Eternals comic from Marvel some time in 2019 at this rate…