The Russos Respond Hilariously to Deadpool 2 Copying Their Anti-Spoiler Tweet

Yesterday, Ryan Reynolds put out a joke Tweet that copied the Russo Brothers’ original “Thanos Demands Your Silence” one from before the release of Avengers: Infinity War. The Tweet copied the Russo’s in claiming that no one knows the full plot, which in itself is a joke. Deadpool 2 has been tested in front of audiences multiple times and people do know the full plot (and reshoots didn’t really change it at all).

So today, the Russos responded hilariously to the Tweet:

The first social media reactions from the final version of Deadpool 2 come out tomorrow (May 11th) with reviews embargoed until Monday (May 14th) night. As I said above, the reshoots didn’t change much of the plot itself as it’s still the same movie test audiences saw a couple of months ago. There is a big A-list cameo added to the movie, and the funniest (although very controversial) post-credits scene from the test screenings was apparently removed from the final version of the film.

Deadpool 2 will also face some headwinds over the next couple weeks in terms of attention on the internet, as Solo: A Star Wars Story has its premiere (and social media reactions) tonight and reviews of that will arrive next Tuesday (May 15th) with the Cannes premiere.