Rumor: The ‘Super Secret Cameo’ in Deadpool 2 is Revealed (SPOILER!)

This is a Non-MCU rumor, but here’s something interesting about Deadpool 2 and it’s the identity of the “super secret” cameo that was filmed during reshoots.

The “Invisible Man” in the Deadpool 2 trailers and even on the poster (above) is The Vanisher. According to a rumor I was just handed by a rock solid source, the “super secret” cameo that was filmed for Deadpool 2 has to do with who is really The Vanisher.

At one point in the movie The Vanisher becomes visible and when he does…he looks like Brad Pitt.

Much like the Hasselhoff cameo in Guardians 2, it’s just a quick reveal but that’s the pay off for everyone wondering who the invisible mutant is in all of the promotion. Brad Pitt is the gag cameo reveal for what The Vanisher looks like.