Joe Russo Reveals Valkyrie’s Fate in Infinity War

One of the big questions fans had after Avengers: Infinity War dealt with what happened to all of the Asgardians on the ship at the beginning, and specifically Valkyrie (and Korg). Well, Joe Russo went and did a Q&A at a high school and actually provided a lot of answers.

A Reddit user was at the talk, and the Infinity War co-director confirmed that Valkyrie is alive and that the Asgardians escaped the ship on escape pods. If you put those two bits of information together, then you can assume that Valkyrie is out there with the half of the Asgardians that survived the attack on the ship. As for Korg, he wouldn’t reveal his fate leaving it up in the air and to speculation.

At the end of Thor: Ragnarok, the Asgardians were going to head to Earth. Obviously they hit a bump in the road, but there’s still the possibility that they’ll make it to Oklahoma. In the Thor comics, during J. Michael Straczynski’s great run, Thor relocates Asgard to a plot of land in Oklahoma. This culminates in a big event called Siege where Asgard on Earth is, well, under siege. With the destruction of Asgard in space, the pieces are set for Siege to be a basis for a potential fourth Thor movie if they were to do one…