Avengers: Infinity War is Now Looking at a $255-257 Million Weekend Record!

Avengers: Infinity War may have turned Star Wars: The Force Awakensrecord to ash this weekend, but the final numbers are coming in and it’s even bigger than when Disney declared victory over itself!

According to Deadline, the record is now looking at between $255 and $257 million, and that number may even go higher once the final amounts come in later today. The movie had a higher than expected Sunday with the box office being about $68 million (with some reports as high as $70 million).

When the dust settles, it’s possible that Infinity War will end up with a domestic opening weekend record as high as $260 million. The movie has also pushed the Marvel Studios box office total to $15.4 billion, and that number will surely rise to close to $16 billion before Infinity War finishes its box office run.