Infinity War’s Writers Say Part 2 is Bigger and Better

Have you recovered from Avengers: Infinity War yet? You’ll have a year to come to grips with what happened in that movie, and you better prepare for something even better according to the writers. As amazing as Infinity War was, can your mind even comprehend something better than that?

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, Markus and McFeely had this to say about next May’s Avengers 4:

You are both now co-presidents of story for The Russo Bros.’ company AGBO. You have a lot of other stuff brewing there. Do you consider Avengers 4 your Marvel swan song?

McFeely: If it is, we’re pretty happy with it. Because boy, Avengers 4, if anything, is better than what you just saw.

Markus: And bigger.

Right now there’s nothing official about Avengers 4, and we won’t even get the title for a long time yet, but there is a very awesome rumor about what the story is.