The Only Infinity War Review You Need – Jim Starlin’s

By now the Tomatometer is filling up and people are beginning their endless online arguments about the Rotten Tomatoes score for Avengers: Infinity War, but the most important review about the movie won’t be linked on that site. Thanos was created by Jim Starlin and together with Ron Lim, he made him the popular character he was in the comics and wrote the original Infinity Gauntlet.

Jim Starlin posted on his official Facebook fan page a glowing review of the big screen adaptation of his most famous creation:

There are a couple times my chest constricted from what I was seeing, making me want to cry. You’ll recognize those instances when you watch the film. Brolin is an incredible Thanos, moving and emoting just as I tried to portray him in the comics. The movie’s two and a half running time shoots past nearly unnoticed. The thing is though, I feel I’m going to have to view the film a number of more times before I get a solid grip on just how good it is. Still at that rather stunned point.

You can read his full thoughts at the link above.