Oops! Apple’s Siri Leaked an Infinity War Soundtrack Track Name (No Spoilers)

Here’s a kind of embarrassing mistake in the lead up to Avengers: Infinity War and a small hole in Marvel’s attempts to keep everything under wraps. The Infinity War soundtrack isn’t out until Friday, but even the track titles are still hidden. But it looks like they’re actually programmed into databases that music sites use as Apple’s Siri (using the Shazam app) can find them.

During the live streamed red carpet for the Infinity War premiere last night, Marvel was playing tracks from the official soundtrack. A Reddit user decided to ask Siri what music was playing, and it found the track name:

It’s not a big spoiler at all, but it’s kind of funny how Siri and Shazam can cut through Marvel’s secrecy and reveal something they have hidden.

The digital soundtrack for Infinity War is out on Friday, while you’ll have to wait until later in May to get it on CD.