Marvel Studios is Skipping Hall H at San Diego Comic Con This Year

I’ve been debating whether or not to wait in the Hall H line this July at San Diego Comic Con, but now Marvel Studios has made the decision easy for me as they’re skipping the big presentation in 2018.

Screen Rant spoke to Kevin Feige at the Infinity War press junket today and he confirmed while there will be Marvel Studios stuff at the con, there won’t be a big Hall H panel this year:

“We’re going to do um, of course, Marvel will have a presence there.Marvel Studios will have a presence there only in that there will be 10th-anniversary materials and a 10th-anniversary panel. Not doing Hall H this year”

So there will be a 10th anniversary panel somewhere (something that big will probably be in Ballroom 20 or some other big room), but nothing in Hall H. That means no reveals for Captain Marvel or Avengers 4 in San Diego this July.