September 24, 2020

More Marvel Films Coming to Dolby Cinema

There are more Marvel films coming to the premium Dolby Cinema format at AMC Theaters, as Dolby Labs and Disney have extended their partnership through 2019. That means Infinity War, Ant-Man & The Wasp, Captain Marvel, and Avengers 4 are all going to be released in HDR via Dolby Cinema.

“At Marvel Studios, we’re passionate about taking audiences deep into our stories and the Marvel Cinematic Universe,” said Victoria Alonso, EVP, Physical Production, Marvel Studios. “To make that real and believable requires a lot of technical and creative work, especially VFX. Dolby Vision helps bring these incredibly colorful and vibrant worlds to life like you’ve never seen before. The color fidelity, brightness, sharpness, and incredible black level of Dolby Vision allows our filmmakers to pull audiences deeper into the stories we craft.”

If you’re unfamiliar with Dolby Cinema, these are new auditoriums that AMC Theaters are rapidly installing. They present the movie in full Dolby Vision HDR, which gives you brighter colors and deeper and more realistic blacks, as well as Dolby Atmos audio. If you have a 4K HDR TV you probably know how great it looks, but if you don’t you can see movies in HDR in theaters if you head to a Dolby Cinema screen.