Russos at the China Fan Event: The Title of Avengers 4 is a Spoiler for Infinity War

This is something we’ve kind of heard before, but it’s gone on to be ignored by that segment of fans who want to believe that Avengers 4 has no connection to Avengers: Infinity War (even though it’s coming just a year later).

At the China Fan Event for Infinity War, the Russo brothers confirmed once again that the title of next year’s Avengers 4 would be a spoiler for this year’s movie if it were revealed near the release of it. Thanks to Gavin Feng there are some details from the press conference that just happened, and the Russos said it would be interesting or funny to learn the title after you see Infinity War, and that people will soon find out what they mean by that.

There were also more details revealed at the event, such as how some stuff in Infinity War takes place at the same time as events in Thor Ragnarok and Black Panther and they worked with those filmmakers to ensure continuity. But this bit about the Avengers 4 title is the biggest piece of news as it once again confirms that the 2019 Avengers movie does have a lot to do with the 2018 Avengers movie, and that’s something a lot of people are still confused about.