September 26, 2020

How a Future Young Avenger Could Fit into Avengers 4

Last night a rumor came out that a certain Young Avenger will be appearing in next May’s Avengers 4, and it’s making people scratch their head as the character already exists in the MCU; although much younger.

The rumor from the Hashtag Show claims that Emma Fuhrmann has been cast as Cassie Lang in next year’s Avengers, and in the hours since then people have dug up long forgotten evidence on Reddit that hinted at a teenage Cassie Lang in Avengers 4. But how could she fit into the story?

Well one of the TV spots for Avengers: Infinity War shows Doctor Strange telling Tony Stark that he looked into the future to see different outcomes. If Stephen Strange has seen the future, he also knows about future Avengers. With key members of the Avengers team dead in Avengers 4, and half the universe wiped out, they would need to recruit new heroes to face Thanos. But if there aren’t many in the present time, where would they find them?

The answer could be time travel, which would explain those set photos we’ve seen of them recreating the Battle for New York. And if they go back in time to recruit people from the past, they obviously could go into the future and that could explain how an older Cassie Lang appears.