New Information Confirming ‘The Eternals’ Are Coming!

Last week when I first launched this site, I dropped a scoop saying that The Eternals were what Marvel hopes to make their new franchise in whatever will become “Phase 4”. Today, a big Hollywood Trade has confirmed that The Eternals are on the way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

BleedingCool confirmed with their sources yesterday (although didn’t credit this site for breaking the scoop last week) that Marvel is in fact working on an Eternals movie and is currently meeting with writers about it. This explains why Marvel is rushing to reprint Neil Gaiman’s trade paperback from about thirteen years ago. That trade is also now available digitally. Marvel wouldn’t be putting The Eternals back in print if they didn’t have plans for the team. They generally start a pre-film comic push about 18 months out, so I wouldn’t be shocked if we see a new Eternals comic coming from them within a year.

I’ve also spoken to a writer at a large publication who is working on confirming even more information about The Eternals, likely actual names of people involved, so that should be coming soon from them as well.

So there you have it. I can honestly say it feels good to get this confirmed after the last week of people calling it fake. We’re definitely going to get some real awesome cosmic stuff in Phase 4, and I can’t wait!