Beware of Fake Infinity War ‘Reviews’ On YouTube

Here’s a heads up, there are already fake reviews of Avengers: Infinity War being posted on YouTube via channels who are begging for attention and think they can fool people with a vague “review” about a movie no one outside of Disney has seen the whole thing of yet.

I won’t post a link to any of these here, because honestly they don’t deserve the views a link would give them.

The Russo Bros clearly explained last week that no one will see the whole movie until the world premiere in Los Angeles on April 23rd. Press screenings, and some fan screenings, begin the very next day on April 24th. Until then, all they’re showing to fans is two scenes from the first thirty minutes of the film.

With Star Wars, such as The Last Jedi this past December, there were some very limited “friends and family” screenings of the movie before the world premiere. These allow people working in the industry with a connection of some sorts to Disney to see the movie prior to its big premiere on the studio lot in Burbank, but right now there’s no word yet if such a thing is happening with Infinity War. If it were to happen, it would be until next week.

Even then, no one outside of Disney has seen the whole movie yet, and none of them would be dumb enough to go and film a YouTube video review of the movie. Especially on a YouTube channel using their “real” name.