Infinity War Has Pre-Sold More Tickets Than the Last 7 MCU Movies…Combined

That $247 million opening weekend for Star Wars: The Force Awakens looks like it is about to fall, as Avengers: Infinity War is putting up a mind-blowing amount of ticket pre-sales.

According to online ticketing site Fandango, Infinity War has already pre-sold more tickets than the last seven movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe combined. That means if you add up all of the ticket pre-sales from Ant-Man through Black Panther, Infinity War has already pre-sold more tickets than that total. That is absolutely insane and shows how huge this movie is going to be.

Following the Tweet from the official Fandango account, their Erik Davis said that Infinity War is Fandango’s biggest April release ever and is on course to pass up Black Panther as the biggest superhero movie in the history of the ticketing service. If you haven’t already bought your tickets for opening weekend…good luck.