Australia Sees Infinity War First

For those moving into a cave to avoid all Avengers: Infinity War spoilers, you’ll want to hear this.

We’re now only two weeks away from the world premiere of Infinity War in Los Angeles on April 23rd. The next day, Tuesday the 24th sees the review embargo drop and press screenings begin. Due to the way time zones work, the first normal people who get to see Thanos balance the universe will be in Australia. Those normal screenings in Australia begin the night of Tuesday the 24th if you’re in the US.

Based on what happens with every single major movie, that means you will be seeing potato phone clips showing up on places like Reddit and Instagram well before the movie opens in places like the UK and long before the official US opening night screenings on April 26th.

So if you’re a spoiler phobe, you’ll probably want to book that room in a cave a little earlier than you were planning.