September 24, 2020

A Word on Infinity War ‘Spoilers’…

This weekend, a small segment of fans went into screaming fits and had aneurysms after Marvel released an Avengers: Infinity War trailer that they felt spoiled the entire movie for them (spoiler: it didn’t).

It was a piece of officially released promotional material that millions of people will have seen by now, and with the Russo Bros. secrecy and request for people to not spoil the movie; do you really think they’d intentionally spoil the whole movie with a sixty-second TV spot? Based on the vitriol and reaction I saw to posting the trailer and pointing out something very cool the trailer had in it, some people obviously do.

Which brings me to the purpose of this post. If something is an officially released piece of promotional material such as a trailer or TV spot, it will be posted on MCU Cosmic as that is not a spoiler. Again, the Russos are not going to intentionally spoil things, and there are shots in the official trailers that are digitally altered to hide what’s really going on. Marvel has been doing that for a long, long time.

At the same time I will not be posting, linking to, or directing people to plot spoiler leaks that are out there and there is one real one that’s floating around the Internet right now. Please do not ask me for a link to it or to share it, as I won’t be the one to spread it thanks to the internet’s “kill the messenger” mentality with spoilers that they don’t like because they don’t fit their head canon. Thankfully, the real plot spoiler that’s out there is being called “fake” while a completely false one is being pushed as legitimate. That means the real spoilers will remain hidden until release.

I think people deserve to be just as surprised with Infinity War as I was back in 1991 when Infinity Gauntlet released, so I’m not going to spread the real plot spoiler around. I am extremely happy with how it plays out, and it looks like some of my favorite scenes from the comic are actually recreated on screen. At the same time there are some people who don’t seem to understand that there’s an Avengers 4 next May, and those may be vocal fans who are upset at what happens in this movie. I doubt it’ll be as big a backlash as we saw with Star Wars, but there will be some who will act outraged and start petitions just for attention.

There’s about three and a half weeks until Infinity War releases. I won’t be posting the spoilers on this site, but I will continue to share the official stuff Marvel Studios releases for the movie and discuss everything else officially out there about it.