Infinity War IMAX Poster!

After the twenty-two character posters released yesterday, we now have the IMAX poster for Avengers: Infinity War.

This comes from Empire, who promises that there are Easter Eggs hidden on the poster and they’ll likely be revealed on the IMAX Twitter feed.

The poster makes a big deal out of the movie being filmed entirely with IMAX cameras, as they’re using the same ALEXA IMAX that was used in Civil War. Most of the Marvel films are now filmed digitally using the same Alexa camera (the Guardians are an exception) and the ALEXA IMAX is an IMAX-branded version of that camera. Since Infinity War was filmed entirely in that format you’ll probably want to see it in IMAX. Until now, none of the Marvel Blu-Rays included the IMAX scenes except for a couple of 3D versions, so it’s not known if the upcoming 4K/Blu-Ray release in the fall will or not.

Here’s the poster: