September 24, 2020

A Little Rumor Control Before Next Week…

I felt like I needed to post this prior to the site fully launching next week to try to control some rumors getting out of hand (and manage hype a bit as head canon tends to get people way too excited).

Next Monday will be the official launch for this site. Everything this week is just getting it up and running, although I’m mostly happy with it right now. I may put it under construction later in the week to tweak some things, but right now it’s feeling good.

On Monday morning, likely around 6:00am Pacific/9:00am Eastern I’ll be publishing a huge scoop (unless it leaks from elsewhere before then, at which point I’ll immediately hit “publish”). And these are the things I want out there now to try to keep things under control:

  • This is not an official Marvel announcement.
  • It’s a rumor (scoop) I received from an extremely reliable source who has delivered big things for me in the past. Marvel is focused on Infinity War right now.
  • It’s about one movie in whatever will be “Phase 4”.
  • It has nothing to do with Fox or their characters.
  • It’s an all-new franchise for Marvel.
  • No, not Nova.

Then on Tuesday I plan to reveal when one MCU movie we already know about is expected to come out. Stay tuned…